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About Me - Jan Rawnsley

about Me



Welcome to my website and a small selection of my work. Initially, I trained as a dress designer then ran a design & display business for over 30 years. During this time I attended art college in Budapest and this rekindled my love of painting. I paint mostly in oil but sometimes in acrylic and mixed media.

I love to paint the east coast of northern England where I grew up and I am presently working on a series of Spanish paintings taking paint & canvas to the beach. I paint to capture the emotional response I feel when I first choose my subject, pouring my feelings into the canvas to produce an abstracted expression in paint.

Where and why

I carry a sketchbook and paint the locations I visit, using the sketches as a reference when I complete the paintings in my studio.

I have long had a love of Edinburgh. This painting is one of the first I made of Edinburgh clock tower. The painting evolved from sketches I made onsite. This painting is oil on canvas.

I work mostly in oil paint. moving the painting from realism to abstraction.

This painting is from my Spanish series. The painting is of Santa Pola harbour and is oil on canvas. What interested me about this scene was the vibrant colours of the fishing nets laid on the quayside.

Santa Pola
Jans Students

Jan teaches in her studio on tuesday

I run a class on Tuesday 10.00am to 02.30pmĀ  in my own studio. To the left is a picture of some of my students hard at work! Please use the contact page to find out about availability.

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions

  • Permanent Exhibition Valles at 44, Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, Severn days a week 10.30am-10.30pm.
  • Warwickshire Open Studios 2020 20th June to 5th July An opportunity to see my work in my own studio.
  • The Gallery at the Dentist Dates to be confirmed.
  • Art in the parkĀ 1st-2nd August I will have my own marquee.

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